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NYC Sightseeing & Shopping

All seats are $175 per person. A minimum deposit of $50 per person will be accepted until October 1st after that time minimum deposit will increase to $100, and will be accepted until October 8, 2016. All outstanding balances must be paid by October 22nd to secure a seat for this tour. Seats will be sold until filled!!!!

Departing: November 4, 2016 @ promptly at 9pm 425 E.Court St Cincinnati, OH 45202 (Close to Horseshoe/Jacks Casino)

Yes, you'll have the opportunity to freshen up before arriving in NYC. Therefore, packing a change of clothes and/or toiletries is not discouragedWe'll be arriving in NYC on Trinity Ave.(American Stock Exchange) the morning of November 5, 2016. Upon arriving you will be able to enjoy the sights and stores of the city. There's so much to do and we can help organize your day.

Departing NYC: Trinity Ave. promptly 10:00 pm Trinity Ave. (This a dropoff/pickup location only. Therefore, the bus will not be able to wait for passengers) Yes, you'll have a opportunity to freshen up before we began our journey to the city.

Returning: November 6, 2016 @ approximately 11:00 am 425 E.Court St Cincinati,Oh 45202

Get a head start a on planning trip by downloading the NYC Official Visitor Guide Summer 2016. DOWNLOAD NOW

We ask and stress the importance of managing your time wisely as Express Tours LLC is not responsible for passengers that are not at this location at the stated time.

 Express Tours LLC is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged goods. 



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